Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coming soon...

     Well, come October (or thereabouts) this will be the new home for my writing about the Nationals. Now, the reason why...
     When the lovely people at MLBlogs decided to change over from Movable Type Pro to WordPress a few months ago, so many people couldn't deal with the hassle and left. I'm holding on till the end of the season, before I make the switch.

     Till then, however, I'll still be writing over there @ WP. (You can find it here.) I'll leave you with some pics I took Saturday night (8/13) in Harrisburg, PA of Bryce Harper and some other Nats farmhands. (See above.) In order:
     1) Bryce Harper at the plate
     2) Bryce in LF
     3) The "Racing Presidents" doing some type of dance (PLEASE don't ask me what it was)
     4) Erik Komatsu, who came over in the Jerry Hairston Jr. deal from the Brewers
     5) The sign @ Metro Bank Park in Harrisburg, where the Senators (the AA farm team of the Nats) play
     6) Tyler Moore manning 1B
     So there you are. Until next time...