Friday, October 28, 2011

You know it just HAD to come to this, right?

     All right, admit it. You were trying to come up with Jack Buck references to go with how David Freese ended Game 6 of the World Series, weren't you?
     You know what I mean, right? Now me, I swore I could hear "GO CRAZY, FOLKS, GO CRAZY!!!" in my head as the ball took off towards center field. Could you blame me?
     I'm sitting home flipping between Game 6 and the Capitals game, and once the Caps game ended I turned my attention to Game 6. "Surreal" couldn't begin to describe what was happening. Just when I (and America) thought the Cardinals had nothing left in the tank--or, in extra innings, running on fumes--all of a sudden the Cards mount not one but TWO comebacks.
     And I'll go this far to say Albert Pujols upped his asking price in free agency (to about $200 mil, IMO) by delivering in the bottom of the 9th with a knock. But there are other heroes abound from last night...which leads us back to David Freese.
     Before he ended the game, he brought about the 1st comeback by tripling off the fence in right-center field to tie it at 7-apiece. (And I'm like, "Holy shit, what is this??") Then again, should we really be surprised at last night's game?
     10 1/2 games out of the wild card picture in August...and yet here we are tonight with a Game 7. At least I didn't lie on my YouTube channel when I said it was going 7
     All I can say is, regardless of what happens tonight, it's been one hell of a year for MLB. Now if we can just get to the offseason--and what the Nationals do in the offseason--we should all sit back and have fun. PLAY BALL!!!

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