Tuesday, December 6, 2011

For God's sake...DO SOMETHING!! Please?

     The annual MLB winter meetings are happening this week in Dallas. And so far, I've heard absolutely NOTHING out of the Nationals' camp.
     All right, what's the fucking problem? ARE we going after Prince Fielder, or not? (And exactly how much is it gonna cost us?) Look, if the Marlins can throw around money for Jose Reyes and Heath Bell--not to mention offering Albert Pujols a 10-year deal--certainly the Lerners and Mike Rizzo can find a couple hundred million for Prince. RIGHT??
     I mean, now that we know Chris Marrero is out for spring training (and Adam LaRoche ain't the long-term answer @1B, and Michael Morse belongs in LF full-time...IMO), we need somebody to man the position. Am I right? So something has to be done. Right??
     Well, that and finding a CF. Or does Roger Bernadina figure in the Nats' future plans? We already know Laynce Nix is in Philly, so that option is off the table.
     So having ranted on the inaction in Dallas, let me move on to other matters. Namely, how Danny Espinosa got shafted for NL Rookie of the Year.
     You can NOT convince me Craig Kimbrel (or Freddie Freeman) of the Braves beats out Danny. Who are you trying to bullshit here? There's a bias here against either the Nats as a team, or D.C. as a baseball city. Either one or the other. What DO we have to do to get respect for the Nats?
     So there you have it. I've written yet another blog post here.


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