Tuesday, January 24, 2012


How else to describe the collective scream of Nationals fans, on learning Prince Fielder won't be wearing a curly "W" on his head?
Instead, he'll be in...Detroit? Tis the case, I'm afraid. 9 yrs/$234 mix, is the deal.
So he goes "home", to where his old man Cecil made HIS name. First Mark Texiera, and now this. WHY are we treated like shit by big-name players? I ask you.
(At least the saving grace in this, is that it AIN'T the Marlins...)
So now we STILL need a 1B, cause Adam LaRoche AIN'T the long-term answer. As much as Michael Morse did yeoman work last year...he belongs in LF.
Well, there's the Gio Gonzalez press conference tomorrow to keep me happy...lol

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