Thursday, February 9, 2012

What world DO politicians inhabit?

This isn't MY tweet. It's from F.P. Santangelo, the color analyst for Nats games on MASN.
"I don't pretend to no anything about politics but if @SenBobCasey is worried about who gets #nats/phils tix #countryinworseshapethanIthought" -- gonastynats (@gonastynats)
I just retweeted it to make a point. You see, there's an effort being undertaken by a group of Nats fans to drum up fan support to make the crowd at Nationals Park drown out the opposing teams' fans.
And for this, a nutjob U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania has a bug up HIS ass?
Oh, by the way, that is my Twitter username (@gonastynats). So you'll know where to find me...LOL

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