Monday, April 9, 2012

Already, a season-defining series

So here we are 4 (or 5) days into the 2012 MLB season, and for the Nats it's already make-or-break time.
Yes, kids, it's time for "Meet The (2012) Mets". Thought you'd enjoy that one,
At any rate, 1st place in the NL East is at stake these next 3 days. And yes, you have to wait till Wednesday for the main event...Johan Santana facing off against Stephen Strasburg.
Oh, what fun so early in the season...LMAO
Gee, I wonder if it's too early to call in to WFAN and gloat about the Nats. Nah, I'll wait...until we're solidly in 1st later on in the year. (Hint, hint.)
It's wonderful to actually write this entry on the computer instead of using my phone. I'll have to remember this now. LMAO
Have fun, Mike, watching the Nats make a run at the wildcard this year...

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