Sunday, April 29, 2012

So, wadda ya think?

Curt Schilling said it himself on ESPN earlier tonight..."The kid can play".
Need I say any more?
Two days of Bryce Harper, and two days of memorable moments. Starting with when he showed up in Dodger Stadium on Saturday...after getting notified of his callup from Syracuse. Bryce in LF, and batting 7th...with Strasburg on the mound.
And for 7 innings, it was memorable. Strasmas striking out Dodgers at will, and Bryce getting his 1st MLB hit...and later his 1st RBI on a sac fly.
(Oh, and about the idiot behind home plate who mooned when Bryce got his hit...dude, you're not in Boston. Have better class, douchebag.)
Unfortunately, on Saturday night, we saw the Henry Rodriguez of 2011 rear his ugly head. It was not pretty...or "Pretty Fricking Bueno", as it were.
No, sad to say, he couldn't find the plate...and got pulled in the 8th. Leave it to Tom Gorzelanny to give up the walkout HR to Matt Kemp in the 10th for the 4-3 loss.
Today (Sunday)? More of the same...though the one bright spot was seeing Tyler Moore make his debut (and get his 1st MLB hit). 2-0 Dodgers win.
But, as I hashtagged on Twitter today, "The Future Is Now And Loving Every Minute of It". Enough said.

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