Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mike Rizzo, "junkyard dog"

And now, a few words about the "Take Back Our Park" campaign this past weekend.
Okay, so Sunday night was a letdown...even if you do include Jayson Werth's injury. But you have to admit Bryce Harper has become a breath of fresh air for the Nats (and MLB, I might add).
Stealing home will do that for you. Still think it's "old school", Cole Hamels? You fucking pussy. ADMITTING you hit Bryce on purpose? It shouldn't be 5 games, but 5 starts you should be suspended for this.
And Mike Rizzo is right in calling it a "chickenshit move". (Oh, the title? Credit Tracee Hamilton of the Washington Post in today's cover story for Rizzo's secretary referring to him as a "junkyard dog".) I love this man.
Incidentally, for you lowlife Phillies fans taunting J-Dub after his injury...all you've done is prove why you have the (richly deserved, I may add) reputation of being the absolute scum of the sports fan world.
Enjoy last place, suckers...oh, and,also enjoy your 2012 NL East champion Washington Nationals!!
Natitude RULES...

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