Monday, June 25, 2012

News items?

Now that the Nats and Orioles have wrapped up their annual exercise...with the O's pulling it out yesterday on Brian Roberts' 2-run homer...I guess I can talk about some other things in the baseball world.
If they had told me when the season started Kevin Youkilis would become expendable in late June, I would've told you that you were a candidate for Bellevue. But that's what happened yesterday, as Youk goes to the White Sox for Brent Lillibridge.
I had this feeling when I started reading about Will Middlebrooks, that Youk's days were numbered in Boston. So I can say I got to see him play in person when I was there 2 weeks ago. Anyway...
So happy to see Derek Norris make it to Oakland...and just as overjoyed when he hit a 3-run walkoff jack yesterday to win it for the A's. (To refresh your memory, he went over--along w/Tom Milone, AJ Cole and Brad Peacock--in the Gio Gonzalez deal in the winter.)
They have a new hero in Oakland now, and his name is Derek Norris.
Lastly, Livan Hernandez is in Milwaukee now. Can't fault Livo for wanting to extend his career, but I still wish he were here w/the Nats (even if it meant coming out of the bullpen like he said he wanted to do). Oh well, we can't have everything go our
At any rate, we're still in first. Now on to Colorado for three...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A little late, but...

In case some of you may not have read the piece I wrote earlier this week about my trip to Boston--you can find it here, btw--I'll hit the high moments for you.
For starters, the trip up (via Amtrak) was nice for the scenery...though seeing all the boats around CT and MA almost made me want to break out into the "Gilligan's Island" theme. Still, it made the time whizz by...7+ hours worth from DC to Boston.
After taking time out at our hotel room to rest--and by "we", I mean my brother Larry and me--it was time for the game.
(And yes, the seats were uncomfortable...but that didn't matter. Being at Fenway Park made up for it.)
As always, Stephen Strasburg put on a show. But Bryce Harper upstaged everyone by hitting one out to deep center to insure the Nats would win the game. 7-3 was the final.
Next day, back on the train bound for DC. 8 hours later, and after a subway ride to bro's SUV, we made it back to Luray before 8 p.m. Saturday night.
Scratch this off his (and my) "bucket list"
Now, the pictures that accompany this piece:
1) I'm on the right, and Larry in the center, in a pic from July of 2010 @ Nats Park.
2) The skyline of NYC, as we were coming up.
3) Selected pics of Fenway Park...including the Green Monster.
4) Strasburg on the mound. (This was as close as my cell phone camera could get.)
Up until this weekend w/the Yankees, the Nats were 6-0 on their road trip by sweeping the Red Sox and Blue Jays. These last 2 games, however, have been losing efforts. Not the way to show the baseball world you're serious about being a contender...though we're still your first place Nats.
Just so you