Friday, August 3, 2012

This is NOT a collapse, I tell you...

Okay, so the Nats salvaged something out of this series with the Phillies. It's not the end of the world, you know.
But what pisses me off, is the absolute arrogance and piety of these so-called Philadelphia sports "fans" on Twitter. So I said last night, "You're in LAST place. STFU." Whereupon...
They come after me with a vengeance. And no originality, know, typical "hey yo, living at home, etc." Trolls.
(Thankfully it didn't show up in my timeline...but it did in a few of my followers' lines. Que sera, sera...)
At any rate, to the game itself last night. Anyone doubt Jayson Werth didn't want payback, after how Phillies fans laughed at his hurting his wrist back in May?
He contributed, as did Adam LaRoche by smacking a homer. And who the fuck was Michael Martinez trying to impress, thinking he could run on Bryce Harper? Bro threw you out, clown!!
Ah, it's great to be in 1st. Yet the front office sticks to the plan to shut  down Stephen Strasburg after 160 IP. I got mixed feelings on this, but...I look at it as being on the safe side.
Still, there's this twinbill today w/the Marlins. Yes kids, a real honest-to-God twi-night doubleheader. Game 1 at 4, Game 2 around 7.
Fire sale Phillies and Marlins. And now Cliff Lee is on waivers. Mike Rizzo, are you listening? Make sure he doesn't go to Atlanta or the Mets...all right? ROFL
OK, done here. God, why aren't people following this blog? Come September this may be the only place to find out about the

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