Monday, September 3, 2012

So now you KNOW...

Only two more to go.

Two more starts for Stephen Strasburg, and then he gets shut down for the 2012 season. This coming Friday at home against the Marlins, and then a week from Wednesday (9/12)...against, dare I say??...the Mets.
(Oh, get your tickets early for both games, won't you? LMAO)
Look, we've known since the start of the season this was happening. No one had an inkling the Nats would have the season they're having...not even me.
So you'll understand why I'm not sweating this. I have all the confidence in John Lannan to pick up where Strasburg leaves off.
(And if that's not confidence, you tell me what
Now if we can have the Braves start losing, so that they're out of the wild card picture...that'll make me so happy.

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