Monday, January 30, 2012

Does this ROCK, or what?
Just HAD to pass this along. It looks SO DAMN COOL!!
No bullshit, either. I should add at this point that Bryce was named top prospect in both the South Atlantic and Eastern League(s) in 2011. Not too shabby, if you ask me...
BTW, I got that last tidbit of info courtesy of the Baseball America 2012 Almanac...which the lovely people @ MLB Insiders Club sent me in the mail today. (One of the perks of having a life Anyway, just finished reading it before I hit the 'puter tonight.
A short note on Livan Hernandez:
He signed a minor league deal with the Astros yesterday (Tuesday), so his dream of finishing his career in the Nats' bullpen goes bye-bye. But there's always the possibility he could be back in D.C. in time for Opening Day...who knows?
At any rate, since I tried to post this last night (via my cell phone, using Bloggeroid)--and failed
I'll just say this, and move on.
Adios, Livo. You made it fun (and aggravating) for us Nats fans while you were here...BOTH go-rounds!! I don't know what we'll miss more, the slow deliberate windup or laying down sac bunts.Either way, we'll remember you as...a Nat always!!Gary

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